ELVA Collection

The unique collection of winery machines in 5464 Rümikon / Switzerland (on the Upper Rhine)

ELVA Collection

Welcome to the unique ELVA winery machine collection in Switzerland. Learn everything about the collection, the background and the current projects on this website. 

In addition, there is a comprehensive book about the collection as well as a museum wiki with all the details about each individual collection items.

Due to our trade involvement over decades we have, at first sporadically, then systematically, collected European winery equipment. The objects are primarily from the 1st and 2nd third of the 20th century during which period the main mechanisation of the industry took place. 

The collection includes machinery and equipment to make wine, however not to grow or harvest. If the latter can be seen in many museums, our concentration lies in the collection of winery technology. Our conception is to safe objects from being scrapped and create awareness of the achievements of our forebears which helped the prosperity in the trade. We display machinery in its original state in our showroom with the aim of future restoration. For a few objects – namely the formerly proud Swiss brand ELVA – we do possess complete original manufacturing documentation. 

Roland Baldinger

The collections wiki page

In the collection wiki, all museum items are recorded, including interesting background information. In addition to all exhibits, many documents such as technical literature, product brochures, trade journals, patents, etc. can be found digitized in the Wiki. You can therefore visit the entire collection from home at any time.

The book about the topic

What happens during the beverage production and bottling process until we can enjoy the contents of the bottle. The book covers the bottling of beverages from 1850 to 1970.
Author: Roland Baldinger

Title: “Wie der Inhalt in die Flasche kommt”
596 pages
Language: German
2. edition 2022
2700 illustrated machine descriptions
300 additional illustrations
ISBN 978-3-033-08965-5 

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Contact an information

The collection is located in the business premises of Max Baldinger AG in 5464 Rümikon, Switzerland. Visits can be organized free of charge by appointment at roland.baldinger@baldinger.biz. The collection is not open to the public.

The project is supported by Max Baldinger AG and ELVAmac SA. We are constantly looking for interesting objects and documents to add to the collection in order to increase the information content of this site.

Contact: roland.baldinger@baldinger.biz.